Rally: Fight for Public Health and Workplace Safety

March 19, 2022

Rally initiated by Workers Solidarity and a number of other groups to call for a workers’-led response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The demands for the rally were as follows:

  1. A Living Income for Everyone – end casualisation, paid pandemic income support for everyone.
  2. Free Health Care for everyone – free RAT tests, more nurses, fully fund hospitals, full access to PPE.
  3. Secure housing for everyone: massively expand public housing; stop the selloffs; moratorium on evictions.
  4. Right to organise:
    – Right to organise & strike any time.
    – Repeal Secondary Boycott laws.
  5. Roll back police powers, drop the COVID fines.
  6. COVID health and safety for all workers in all industries, especially in frontline healthcare.
  7. A global solution to the pandemic – remove patents from COVID vaccines and provide free to all countries.

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Matt Hrkac

Matt Hrkac is a photographer and photojournalist based in Geelong and works across Melbourne and throughout Victoria.


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