Portraits and Headshots

Portraits and headshots for a wide variety of purposes.

Whether you’re running for political office, are a community leader, are an author, performer, or anything in between – a professional headshot is necessary to establish credibility.

Note: For the 2022 Victorian State Election, I’m offering candidate headshots for candidates running on progressive platforms. If you’re interested, use the ‘get in touch’ form below to tell me a bit about yourself and what you stand for, and we’ll take it from there! Here’s a rundown on the packages that I’m offering:

Just the individual headshot

A photo shoot to capture you looking your best. Suitable for both social media, websites and print promotional materials. Can be done on an individual basis or as a set (i.e. all candidates running with a particular party). Starting from a min of 1 hour, $300 + expenses.

Individual headshots + team shots

If you’re running for the upper house, you’ll have a running mate. If you’re running with a political party, that party is no doubt standing candidates in lower house seats; hence having team shots as well as individual headshots may be a consideration. Suitable for social media, websites, and print promotional materials. Min 2 hours, $450 + expenses.

Individual headshot and/or team shots + interaction

It’s the case that prospective voters want to see you interacting with members of the community. As such, in addition to your individual headshots and team shots, having photos that show you interacting with people is vital for establishing credibility. +1 hour, $150 + expenses.

Note: interaction shots aren’t offered separately, only as an optional addition to the above packages. If a client requests this addition, it’s up to clients to set the scene, provide the people, etc.

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