The Commons

Note: this is in the process of being built.

On this page you will find an extensive collection of images covering social justice movements and activism throughout Victoria. Use the search bar to browse the database.

While there’s plenty of coverage of social movements, often these images are not made freely available and useable by their creators. The intent is to make these images – which are documenting and recording history – freely available, usable and accessible to all who wish to have access to them. A digital library if you will!

All images and information provided on the page links below are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license. That is, anything provided on these pages are free to use provided credit is given to the author.

Covered an event that’s not included and want to make your images available? Noting the rules for inclusion, get in contact.

Rules for inclusion:

  • You agree to make your images freely available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.
  • Images must be professional photographs of photojournalistic quality, or digitised film based images. In other words, no selfies and in most cases, no phone photos.
  • Images, taken as a collection, must provide extensive coverage of the event.
  • Images should be a realistic portrayal of the event that took place, edited (in the case of digital photographs) only to enhance image attributes (such as exposure correction).
  • Images should be suitable for web publication. That means the longest side of each image should be no bigger than 2048 pixels. Where possible, ensure images are 2048 pixels long on the longest side.
  • All images should keep the same aspect ratio (whether shot in landscape or portrait).
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