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Welcome to The Commons

The goal of this project is to bring together an extensive repository of images covering social justice movements and activism throughout Victoria into one place. Use the search bar to browse the database.

This project is at an early stage. The first step is to collate images from actions, events and protests. The next step will be to find and collate promotional and other material for these actions. The ultimate aim is for an extensive library and data bank documenting the history of social struggles in the state of Victoria.

Searching this database

Using the search bar above, you can search this database by issue (i.e. climate, to show all climate related actions and protests in the database), by the type of action (i.e. protest, direct action, etc) and by the name of prominent individuals and public figures (i.e. Lidia Thorpe) to get a list of actions and protests where they have appeared.

The search results will display in order according to date, with the latest from the top.

In addition, you can also search by month and year.

The search function is pretty bare bones at the moment and the aim is to improve its functionality as time goes on.

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