May Day Melbourne 2021

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May 1, 2021

2021 May Day / International Workers Day rally in Melbourne, organised by Workers Solidarity with the slogan “Workers’ Rights – Social Justice – Climate Action”. There were two May Day marches in 2021, this was the reason provided for it:

May Day is on May 1. But the Melbourne May Day Committee made a decision many many many years ago that the march in Melbourne should happen on the Sunday after May Day – until the Government granted a public holiday on May 1. Despite many many many discussions over the years, the Melbourne May Day Committee have maintained this policy, even when May 1 is on a Saturday – like this year. So we had some discussions with the M1 Movement in Sydney (who successfully shifted the Sydney rally to May 1) and also with comrades internationally about their experiences on May 1. At a public meeting organised by Workers Solidarity on 12 April it was resolved to launch the M1 Movement in Melbourne and hold a rally on May 1 – and join most cities, towns and villages worldwide in celebrating & struggling on this day.

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