Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been photographing for?

As a hobby for at least 10 years, and have been pursuing photography professionally for the last couple of years.

What gear do you use?

Sony. I use a range of lenses (from super-wide angle to macro to telephoto) and other accessories to deliver the results clients expect of me, regardless of the situation or constraints.

Do you offer videography

Not as a stand alone service. Although I can and sometimes do record video footage at events, stills are always my primary focus. If in addition to photography, you’re after videography coverage of your event – I recommend checking out Taymaynari Productions, who I’m always happy to work with to provide duel photography/videography services.

How many photos do you take?

It depends. On average, a few hundred in total for events lasting a couple of hours. The final number of photos handed over to a client is likely to be less than this.

What’s your editing process?

I shoot RAW, which generally make large batches of images easier to process while giving more leeway to ‘save’ images that may otherwise not be saveable when shooting JPEG.

If the timely delivery of images is necessary, I bring my laptop with me to shoots and process images at appropriate times during the event. For non-timely delivery of images, I process images within 24 hours of an event taking place.

As a photographer, I’m a strong proponent in the ethical treatment of images as this ensures their authenticity. That being: ensuring images taken are authentic and not doctored.

This involves making the appropriate in-camera adjustments and only making adjustments in post that seek to enhance overall image attributes (such as contrast and exposure) and making only minor adjustments on colour and tone if these are necessary. Looking at an image, it should give you the feeling “as if I was there, looking at the subject with my own eyes”. I don’t omit things from images, change body proportions, “airbrush”, or do anything else that can bring the authenticity of an image into question.

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