Data, Security and Privacy Policy

We take privacy extremely seriously. People who contact us or engage with our services often have varied and complex needs in terms of data security and privacy for any number of reasons.

Articles, blog posts and other media will often allow users to comment. Users have every right to use a pseudonym or whatever name they deem fit when they comment. The IP address of a user is automatically logged and attached to any comment that the user makes – this is purely for the prevention of abuse and spam. Your IP address is never made public or disclosed to any third parties. Furthermore, users may opt to use a virtual private network (VPN) when browsing and commenting on this website.

For clients, customers and other people we work with, we maintain a database. In addition, any person who contacts us in any way and provides us with their contact details is also added to this database. This is purely for reference and under no circumstances will details contained in this database be made public or otherwise disclosed to any third party. This database may be used to send out the very occasional email, which the receiver will always have the right to opt out of.

In the interest of ensuring the highest standard of privacy, we aim for, whenever at all possible, elements of the user experience to be ‘in house’ – i.e. images and videos being uploaded directly to the website servers instead of being hosted by a third party hosting service. Not only does this give us greater control over the data we hand over, it also ensures a faster and more efficient user experience. However, there may be times when we have to rely on third party service providers to deliver elements of the user experience on this website. Whenever this is the case, this is always disclosed.

This website uses cookies. Cookies are small files that websites save on users’ computers or mobile devices that contain information about their visit. They make it easier for websites to remember things like user names or the items they’ve put in online shopping carts. Cookies also help websites optimise the user experience, e.g., by remembering which pages users have visited or the setting they have saved. It’s also used to display targeted advertisements across other websites.

Website content may also contain links to third party websites. These websites have their own data collection and privacy policies which are out of our control. When using these websites, we encourage you to review their relevant privacy policies.

Data security is also of upmost importance to us. Although like any website, we can’t guarantee there’ll never be a breach; but we seek to limit this possibility by ensuring access to sensitive data is only granted to the people who need it and that those people have set strong passwords and are using two factor authentication for logging in to the website. Data we have on hand is also periodically reviewed and culled where necessary and appropriate. Sensitive personal details are never disclosed to third parties.


As a general rule, most images taken of public events are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. This allows any individual to use these images for any reason and in any means provided credit is given to the creator of those images. All other images are All Rights Reserved and can only be used with permission.

Customers and clients wishing to use images in situations where they can’t give attribution can do so by paying the relevant fee for the image. Paying the relevant fee is in lieu of being required to give attribution.

Tied in to our privacy policy, any person featured and easily identifiable within an image has every right to request that the image be taken down or made private. Individuals wishing to have an image prominently featuring them to be taken down can do so by contacting us. Note that these take down requests must come from the individual themselves, not from friends or otherwise on behalf of the individual. Note also that although we can action take down requests on images uploaded onto accounts and services we control, we can’t take action on instances of images used on third party websites unless that image is being used in bad faith.

For events taking place on public land – individuals don’t have an assumed right to privacy and as such there’ll be no effort made on the ground to seek permission or check for permission prior to images being uploaded and circulated unless a prior arrangement (i.e. images to be taken at an event for a specific purpose) has been entered into.

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