Live Performances

Photography coverage for bands, theatre, plays and other live performances and entertainment.

Whether you’re a band performing in a pub, a musician busking on the street or you’re performing on stage in a play – or any other sort of live performer wanting professional images of you doing what you do best – my photojournalistic photography approach will capture the energy and emotion of your live performance.

Whether you’re an aspiring actor or musician or are seasoned in the performing arts – you need marketable images to promote yourself for potential work opportunities as well as to get your name out there. Likewise, theatre directors and venue owners also require high-quality images to market their businesses to potential customers and to attract talent.

My rates are negotiable and flexible and I can work with you to fit within your budget. Turnaround times are also usually quick; within 24 – 48 hours after the event, often sooner.

Included in the base service cost:

  • Time physically spent on location, including post-processing of photographs.
  • Use of produced images (with attribution) by performers and venues on websites, social media and for publicity purposes such as in media releases.

Intend to use my images in a way that’s beyond the scope stated above? No problem. Just tell me how you intend to use them when contacting me. Note that in general, usage of images beyond the scope stated above will incur an additional fee for service.

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